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Buy SSL Certificate for website HTTP vs HTTPS

With the increasing use of the Internet for all sorts of business activities like shopping, payments and other private information. You will notice that most popular websites already use SSL certificate. This post covers the basic difference between HTTP and HTTPS, the reasons to buy SSL certificate for your website.

Security is of utmost importance and with Google announcing HTTPS as a ranking criterion moving your website from HTTP to HTTPS is very much your websites need. So let us learn why Googles New Security update prefers HTTPS over HTTP?

HTTP vs HTTPS. Should you Buy SSL Certificate?

HTTP stands for HyperText Transfer Protocol. HTTP is used for communication purpose over the internet.

HTTPS, on the other hand, is the secure version of HTTP, HyperText Transfer Protocol Secure. Data sent over HTTPS enabled communication channel is more secure. HTTPS is mostly used on websites that deals with banking or e-commerce transactions.

Why Move?

Let’s understand three key areas which are helpful when you Migrate your website from HTTP to HTTPS.

  • Improved SEO Ranking:
    Making your website secure helps protect your website, it even helps in your ranking with Google’s secure web initiative. According to the initiative, Google encourages websites to go secure by

    1. Announcing HTTPS as a ranking signal
    2. High priority given to index HTTP Pages
    3. Debunking myths and explaining how it’s easier and cheap to move to HTTPS
  • Security: The security is provided by TLS (Transport Layer Security) and is essentially provided in three layers viz.
    1. Encryption: Data is encrypted and no one apart from the end user can decrypt it.
    2. Data Integrity: Data passed over the channel has lesser to almost no chances to be corrupted or modified without detection.
    3. Authentication: Users are able to communicate to your website without an attacker disturbing the conversation. Eg: Man-in-the-middle attack.
  • Better Performance: Websites up-graded from HTTP to HTTP/2 (HTTP 2.0) experience better performance. Most of the browsers support newer protocols over the secure HTTPS network. Migrating to HTTPS increases the speed of your website and in turn, boosts the performance of your website and user experience.

How do I buy HTTPS Solution? Steps to Migrate

  1. Getting a Valid SSL Certificate: You will need to buy an SSL certificateSSL Certificate is a digitally signed certificate that establishes the identity of a website and uses encryption to send data to the website. There are several types of SSL Certificates.  GoBabbu provides four categories of SSL certificates:
    4. EV SSL
  2. Buy SSL Certificate & Installing your SSL Certificate: You can BUY SSL CERTIFICATE ONLINE FOR YOUR WEBSITE and we shall assist you in installing SSL certificate on your server. If you already use GoBabbu Hosting the installation is complimentary.

What Next for Better SEO Ranking with HTTPS?

  1. Update your robots.txt file and Sitemaps: First, you update Sitemaps to use the HTTPS version of the URLS then, update robots.txt file to include the new Sitemap. It is important to update robots.txt and Sitemap for SEO purposes, as it consists of website URLs.
  2. Fetch: As all the website URLs are changed after migrating to HTTPS, Google needs to recrawl this. Sometimes it may take weeks for Google to make these changes correctly.
  3. Updating your Google Analytics Profile URL: You need to update your Google Analytics Website’s URL. Click Admin under your account and then view settings. Then change the URL to the HTTPS version. Change your Property Settings as well so you may not lose history.

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