Is Online Shopping Safe? Do’s & Dont’s

For buyers “Prevention is better than cure”

We have to agree that everyday more and more INDIAN’s are getting comfortable with computer terms, internet, smart-tablet-phones and gradually Internet Browsing and Shopping has become a part of our everyday routine. But still we worry when we submit online payments, credit card or debit card details to make any purchase online even from reputed online store. But since this is a future $100 Billion industry so it is assumed and agreed that each reputed online store takes maximum care to secure and ease shoppers overall shopping experiences from searching a product to purchase to payments.


First Check before purchase – Check the store has Support System, contact number and mailing address to reach them. Since there may be many different sellers from different locations selling on same store hence make sure to refer description, specification and images of products displayed properly. If you have any query or you aren’t sure of something you may search for other seller. Buy only after you are sure of what you see is what you want. Additionally, check Reviews if available for any seller near product details.


Read Documents – Most of online shoppers ignore content like terms and conditions, privacy policy, delivery information and disclaimers. The content may differ from store to store but buyer should always refer to the content to be double sure. All these document links are made available on store website.


Avoid Doubtful Payments – Never respond to any email or messages from third party payment services asking you to either pay or provide any bank account private details or passwords or other personal information. Such messages may result in fraud or identity theft scam. Payment made using the link of the online store and getting confirmation for purchase and payment is common practice. But apart from this relationship there is no other correspondence to be entertained, if there is any contact store support or customer care to confirm before sharing any details. Also, do not make any transfer of payment into anybody’s personal account or never transfer money for someone else as it can be a fraud probably.

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