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How to Install SSL Certificate on WHM/CPanel

Installing an SSL certificate on WHM/cPanel has never been easier

This article will guide you through on how to install Comodo SSL Certificate on WHM/CPANEL. Installation of Comodo SSL Certificate is very easy and may not need any exclusive technical training. All you need to know is how to use Cpanel properly.

You may want to learn If you are new to websites and not aware about things like – why do we need SSL or What is HTTPS. If you already understood what is the use of SSL for your website and wish to buy you must read this –  You may also wish to buy comodo SSL certificate. 

Here are the basic guidelines and easy-to-follow process on how to install SSL Certificate on WHM/cPanel.

Note: You must have a certificate signing request (CSR) before proceeding with the installation procedure. Generate a CSR if you don’t have it

Apply for an SSL Certificate
  1. If you new customer Signup Here. Log in to your GoBabbu Account using control panel.
  2. Fill in User ID Password and lastly Select whether you are customer or reseller and click LOGIN
  3. You will land to your Dashboard. Search for your domain Name & reach your domain Page
  4. Click Buy SSL when you scroll down for SSL on your domain page
  5. After you get your SSL purchased successfully you will see ISSUE Certificate option
  6. Enter your CSR and click on Next. (We will soon learn about How to generate CSR in this article later)

  7. On the next page, a list of approved email addresses will be displayed. Select one and click on Send application to Certificate Authority.

  8. Once done, you should soon receive a verification email from the Comodo Certificate Authority. Follow the instructions in the email to get your SSL Certificate issued. Now lets proceed to learn how to generate CSR and Installing Comodo SSL Certifcate.

  9. Login to your CPANEL. Go to Search Bar SSL -> Click SSL/TLS Manager
  10. Here you will see the SSL/TLS Manager Page – where we can generate CSR as well as Install a Certificate. The 2nd option is Certificate Signing Requests (CSR) – Click that option and just fill in required details. After filling up all details you will get a CSR which you will paste in the ISSUE Certificate Section above after which you will get the mail from Comodo or similarly you will get Certificate from your chosen Authority.
  11. Assuming that you have verified the email you received and you have the certificate from comodo ssl certificate authority. Click third option Certificates (CRT). Now, go to Upload a New Certificate section. Here you should upload the CRT. Usually .crt will be your domainname.crt & Click on the upload button.Next step in line is to Activate/Install the SSL Certificate.
  12. Now go to WHM/cPanel and click on Manage SSL Sites under Install and Manage SSL for your Site (HTTPS).
  13. Having uploaded the CRT in the previous step, the next step is to upload the Private Key and Certificate Authority Bundle (CABUNDLE). There are two ways to do so. You can either do it by selecting the domain from the drop-down and clicking on Autofill OR you can do it manually by pasting the contents in the respective boxes.
  14. If the CABUNDLE is not uploaded automatically, you should paste it in the box.
  15.  Click on Install Certificate button. You will get a popup if everything was done properly – Your SSL certificate is now installed. Now that you have successfully migrated from HTTP to HTTPS. Wait for some time and then try accessing your site using


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